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TITLE: In Cube


Sex. Drugs. Death. Madness and atonement, three stories of criminals united by the question of the Cube.




The Hunting Club

An underground London club of disenfranchised students steal money from their rich peers and share the bounty among themselves to balance the scales. Robyn is initiated into the workings of the club and is tasked with the mission of infiltrating a politician’s son’s party. By chance she ends up with some incriminating material of the son and is faced with the dilemma of whether or not to publicize it for her own benefit.


Inside the Cube
Michelle wakes up in an empty prison like room, of which she can't escape. The prison plays tricks on her mind and shows her her most inner self. She needs to find the answers within herself before she is able to move on.


The List

Nick gets out of prison and goes on a journey with his best friend to fulfill a list of 7 wishes. Their journey goes deeper than both could have imagined and brings up a painful past


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